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Save time & money — get the most complete semen analysis available

  • Comfort of home: Privately provide your sample with our at-home kit
  • Complete picture: Gain confidence with the most extensive look at sperm health possible
  • Reliable results:  Get results in 48 hours from our CLIA-certified lab

We exclusively measure Cap-Score, which is a critical measure that determines your sperm's actual ability to fertilize an egg. Yes, you read that right!

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A traditional sperm test doesn't tell you everything you need to know about your fertility

If you're serious about starting a family, inaccurate or incomplete results can delay your journey to parenthood.

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  • Sperm health: Measures volume, concentration, count, motility, & morphology
  • State of the art: Developed & endorsed by leading fertility scientists & physicians
  • Fast results: At-home test kit with results in 48hrs

Cap-Score’s Exclusive Game-Changing Benefits

Our kit is the only test to measure sperm capacitation, which can tell you if pregnancy is possible!

  • Crucial information: Learn if your sperm can fertilize an egg
  • Exclusive here: Previously only available in physician offices

No more awkward clinic moments! Provide your sample from the privacy of your own home

  1. Discreet packaging shipped to your front door
  2. Easy-to-follow sample collection instructions
  3. Mail your test kit back in a pre-paid package
  4. Get results emailed in 48 hours or less

Standard semen tests can be wrong about a man's fertility 50% of the time*

  • Limited Information: Developed over 70 years ago, standard semen tests alone lack the ability to tell if your sperm can actually fertilize an egg
  • Avoid the guesswork: Don't be mislead, make informed decisions about your fertility treatment options
  • Missed opportunities:  Eliminate unnecessary emotional stress & loss of precious time

Only the Cap-Score semen analysis kit can give you a full picture of your fertility health & avoid these setbacks. Fast track your path to parenthood.

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