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The Cap-Score Test is the ONLY test that tells you if your sperm can fertilize an egg...without this step, nothing else matters

  • All other sperm tests (semen analysis) are wrong about a man's fertility 50% of the time.*

  • Men with a normal Cap-Score have a 4X higher chance of pregnancy.**

  • Now available as an At Home test kit with the standard Semen Analysis included for free.

  • Simple to order with results in 48 hours from our certified lab.



Cap-Score Sperm Test + Semen Analysis is the only at-home fertility test that accurately predicts the likelihood of becoming a parent 

  • Personalized guidance available with your results

  • Our test saves you time, money and stress

  • Cap-Score can save couples up to $20,000 in fertility expenses***

All other tests are missing a key piece of information, that the Cap-Score test provides

  • This new technology lets you know if your sperm can do its job and actually fertilize an egg 

  • Developed and endorsed by leading fertility scientists and physicians with clinically proven results

  • Previously only available in physicians' offices

  • Results from our certified lab ready for you within 48 hrs

Get the Cap-Score sperm test plus your standard semen analysis at no added cost.

Simple test, fast results

  • Discreet packaging shipped to your front door

  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

  • Just $199 + free shipping (FSA/HSA eligible)

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Shorten your journey to parenthood


Order your kit

Collect & ship your sample

Get results within 48 hours

Receive personalized guidance

A Cap-Score Patient Story: Toni

A Cap-Score Patient Story: Toni

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