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What is The Cap-Score Sperm Test?

About The Cap-Score Sperm Test

The Cap-Score sperm test is a revolutionary, male fertility test developed by leading fertility scientists and physicians. The Cap-Score sperm test is the only male fertility test that correlates with the likelihood of achieving a pregnancy. The Cap-Score sperm test was previously only available in a doctors' office. Now you can get your Cap-Score sperm test from the comfort and privacy of your home with our at-home Cap-Score semen analysis kit.

Who should take the Cap-Score Sperm Test?

The Cap-Score sperm test can be a useful tool for anyone that has questions about their fertility. A Cap-Score sperm test is also useful for testing fertility in men who have had vasectomy reversals and varicocele procedures.

How is Cap-Score different from semen analysis?

Traditional semen analysis alone is just a start. Sperm count, volume, shape and motility are all fertility factors, but they only tell part of the story. The Cap-Score sperm test is a clinically-proven male fertility test that measures sperm's capacity to fertilize an egg. It is a test that measures sperm function.

What does my Cap-Score measure?

Unlike other male fertility tests, the Cap-Score sperm test quantifies the percentage of sperm able to "capacitate" and successfully fertilize an egg. Capacitation is the transformation sperm must undergo before it enters the egg.

About The Cap-Score At-Home Test

How do I get an at-home Cap-Score sperm test?

Simply order the Cap-Score sperm test. Your request will be processed within minutes and you will receive your results in less than 48 hours after we receive your sample.

What's included in the at-home Cap-Score sperm test?

The at-home Cap-Score sperm test comes with everything you need to prepare and ship your sample from the comfort of your home. The kit includes necessary paperwork, lab-grade materials, and detailed step-by-step instructions to complete your test.

When will I get my results?

Once your at-home sperm test kit is received, our lab generates results within 48 hours. Assistance with understanding your results is available.

Does my insurance cover the at-home Cap-Score sperm test?

The Cap-Score sperm test is HSA/FSA eligible and we do accept HSA/FSA cards as a method of payment at checkout. We also provide a receipt of purchase which may be necessary for reimbursement. Check with your insurance provider for more information.

How do you protect my privacy?

We respect your privacy and understand the need for discretion. The at-home Cap-Score semen analysis arrives in a plain unbranded mailer delivered directly to you. Our secure Cap-Score patient portal is also HIPAA compliant. You can rest assured that your health information will never be shared.

How to Take the Cap-Score Semen Analysis

What do I do when my at-home Cap-Score sperm test arrives?

The Cap-Score sperm test kit comes with step-by-step instructions on how to take the test and instructions on how to send it to us with the included packaging that is provided for your convenience.

How long can I wait to collect my sample?

You should complete your sample collection within 2 weeks of receiving your Cap-Score sperm test kit in the mail.

Getting Your Cap-Score Semen Analysis Results

How do I get my Cap-Score semen analysis results?

Your results are provided to you within 48 hours of us receiving your sample. The results are available in our patient portal. You will be notified when your results are ready. Assistance with understanding your results is available.

General Cap-Score Questions

What will Cap-Score do with my sperm?

After you send your sperm to Cap-Score for semen analysis, we will test it for the metrics you have chosen. Cap-Score will never sell, donate, or experiment with semen samples.

Are Cap-Score sperm tests HSA FSA eligible?

Yes, you can purchase your Cap-Score semen analysis with your HSA FSA card at checkout or work with your plan provider and follow their instructions in order to purchase out of pocket and receive reimbursement.

How much does sperm testing cost?

The cost of sperm testing with Cap-Score is less than you might think. Semen analysis with Cap-Score starts at $189, including shipping, and is HSA FSA eligible.

Who should get a semen analysis?

You should complete sperm testing if you are trying to have a baby, you've recently had a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal procedure, or you want additional data points for your overall health.

How long should I abstain from ejaculation before a sperm test?

For best results, you should abstain from ejaculation for 2–5 days before providing a sample for a semen analysis. Sperm counts are highest after waiting at least 2 days, but waiting longer than 5 days can result in lower sperm quality and fewer motile sperm.

How often should I perform a sperm test?

The full process of producing new sperm takes around 70 days. Since lifestyle factors (like diet, sleep, drug use, weight etc.) can impact sperm concentration, it is recommended that those trying to conceive perform a semen analysis every 3-4 months.

Is my sample large enough for an accurate semen analysis?

We can do a lot with a low volume sample. On average, less than 50 microliters is needed to perform all tests in a semen analysis.

What can negatively affect my sperm test?

A semen analysis can be negatively affected by smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, using illegal or pharmaceutical drugs and other lifestyle factors like poor diet or not getting enough sleep.

What are some thing to avoid while performing a sperm test?

Avoid the use of lubricants, saliva and condoms while producing your sample for your semen analysis as these things can impact your results.

Are there ways to improve the result of my semen analysis?

Certain lifestyle factors can play a role in the results of your sperm test. For best results it is recommended to maintain an optimal diet, quit or cut back on smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, get the proper amount of sleep each night and exercise regularly.

What is a semen analysis kit, and why would I need one?

A semen analysis kit is a comprehensive tool used to assess male fertility by analyzing semen quality. You might need one if you're planning to start a family and want to ensure optimal fertility, or if you're experiencing fertility issues and want to investigate potential causes.

How should I prepare for using the semen analysis kit?

Preparation typically involves abstaining from ejaculation for 2-5 days before collecting the sample, avoiding substances like alcohol and caffeine that may affect semen quality, and following any specific instructions provided in the semen analysis kit.

What should I do if my semen analysis results indicate potential fertility issues?

If your semen analysis results suggest fertility concerns, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional, preferably a urologist or fertility specialist. They can provide further evaluation, recommend additional tests if necessary, and discuss potential treatment options or lifestyle modifications.

Is the semen analysis kit discreetly packaged, and is my privacy protected?

Yes, we understand the sensitivity of this issue. Our kits are discreetly packaged to ensure privacy during delivery. We also prioritize data security and confidentiality, adhering to industry standards to protect your personal information.

Is the semen analysis kit reusable, or do I need to purchase a new one each time?

Our semen analysis kits are designed for one-time use to ensure accuracy and hygiene. It's recommended to purchase a new kit for each analysis.

Are there any age restrictions for using the semen analysis kit?

Our semen analysis kit can typically be used by adult males of reproductive age. However, if you have specific concerns or medical conditions related to age, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before using the kit.

What do I do if I accidentally spill or contaminate the sample?

In the event of accidental spillage or contamination, discard the sample and kit components according to local waste disposal guidelines. If you require a replacement semen analysis kit, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Can I purchase the semen analysis kit without a prescription?

Yes, our semen analysis kits are available for purchase without a prescription. They're designed for convenient use in the privacy of your own home. 

Do you offer international shipping for your semen analysis kits?

We currently only ship within the United States. Shipping options and delivery times may vary depending on your location. 

Is it necessary to fast or avoid certain foods before using the semen analysis kit?

Generally, there's no need to fast before using the semen analysis kit. However, it's advisable to maintain a healthy diet leading up to the sample collection, avoiding excessive consumption of foods or beverages known to affect semen quality, such as caffeine or alcohol.

Post-Vasectomy Test

What is a post-vasectomy semen analysis?

A post-vasectomy semen analysis is a test done to confirm the success of a vasectomy by checking for the absence of sperm in the ejaculate.

Why is a post-vasectomy semen analysis necessary after a vasectomy?

A post-vasectomy semen analysis ensures that the vasectomy procedure has effectively blocked sperm from reaching the semen, thus preventing pregnancy.

How soon after a vasectomy should I perform a post-vasectomy semen analysis?

Typically, you should wait 8-16 weeks or until you've ejaculated at least 20 times after your vasectomy before doing a post-vasectomy semen analysis.

Is the at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis product accurate?

Yes, our post-vasectomy semen analysis utilizes advanced technology to provide accurate results comparable to those obtained in a clinical setting.

What if my post-vasectomy semen analysis results are positive for sperm?

If your post-vasectomy semen analysis results indicate the presence of sperm, it's important to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the next steps.

How long does it take to get results with the at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis?

Results are usually available within a short timeframe, typically within 48 hours of our lab receiving your sample.

Is the at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis product discreetly packaged?

Yes, we understand the importance of privacy, and our post-vasectomy semen analysis is packaged discreetly to ensure confidentiality.

How does the cost of the at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis compare to traditional clinic-based testing?

Our at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional clinic-based testing, saving you time and money.

Can I use lubricants during the at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis?

It's best to avoid using lubricants during the at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis, as they may interfere with the accuracy of the results.

How does an at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis compare to in-office testing?

Our at-home post-vasectomy semen analysis offers the convenience of performing the test in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for multiple clinic visits, all while providing the clinic grade accuracy at a fraction of the cost.