Clinical studies prove the Cap-Score™ Test is the only reliable predictor of a man's fertility

Fertility isn't about being "fertile" or "infertile." It's dynamic and can be influenced by any number of male or female factors. The Cap-Score Test measures a man's fertility and provides a numerical value reflecting your sperm's functional ability. As your fertility can be influenced by multiple factors, you should retest your Cap-Score from time to time.  


The Cap-Score gives you critical missing information to analyze alongside a standard semen analysis. With a complete picture of your fertility, you can make a more informed decision on your journey toward parenthood. 

A low Cap-Score doesn't mean you can't become a parent. Through expert guidance and advice, which may include lifestyle changes and dietary supplements, your Cap-Score may be able to be improved. 

What is the Cap-Score?

The Cap-Score measures a sperm's ability to capacitate. Capacitation is a transformation necessary for a sperm to get through the outer wall of an egg and begin the fertilization process.

Once inside the female reproductive tract, sperm must:

  • 1. Start a hyperactivated swimming pattern to move through the fallopian tube

  • 2. Undergo capacitation with the release of enzymes to pass through the external covering of the egg

Get your Cap-Score

Previously only available at your doctor’s office, now you can get the Cap-Score Test plus a semen analysis (for no added charge) at home. The kit includes step-by-step instructions, lab-grade collection materials, and is shipped discreetly to your front door.

Certified-lab processed results

The sample you collect at home is processed by Androvia Lifesciences' nationwide certified lab with procedures developed by leading scientists and physicians. Our clinical scientists specialize in the investigation of sperm, fertilization, and new technologies of assisted reproduction.

Your test results are available within 48 hours of receiving your sample. You can easily access this information using our secure, HIPAA-compliant, Cap-Score patient portal.