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What makes our test best

The Cap-Score sperm kit is the only test that tells you if your sperm can fertilize an egg. Without this knowledge, nothing else matters.

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The science

Cap-Score detects and analyzes localization patterns using fluorescent microscopy to distinguish fertile from infertile sperm cells. Unlike most sperm analysis, Cap-Score quantifies the percentage of sperm able to “capacitate” and successfully fertilize an egg.

Simply put

Cap-Score is a test that measures how well your sperm are able to fertilize an egg. It does this by looking at how your sperm interacts with the egg. A high Cap-Score means that your sperm are more likely to be able to fertilize an egg.

Clinical studies prove the Cap-Score™ Test is the only reliable predictor of a man's fertility

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Fertility isn't about being "fertile" or "infertile." It's dynamic and can be influenced by any number of male or female factors. The Cap-Score Test measures a man's fertility and provides a numerical value reflecting your sperm's functional ability. As your fertility can be influenced by multiple factors, you should retest your Cap-Score from time to time.

The Cap-Score gives you critical missing information to analyze alongside a standard semen analysis. With a complete picture of your fertility, you can make a more informed decision on your journey toward parenthood.

A low Cap-Score doesn't mean you can't become a parent. Through expert guidance and advice, which may include lifestyle changes and dietary supplements, your Cap-Score may be able to be improved.

Shorten your journey to parenthood

Have questions?

How is Cap-Score different from semen analysis?

Traditional semen analysis alone isn't enough. Sperm count, volume, shape and motility are all fertility factors, but they only tell part of the story. The Cap-Score is a clinically-proven male fertility test that measures sperm's capacity to fertilize an egg. It is a test that measures sperm function.

What's included in the at-home Cap-Score Test?

The at-home Cap-Score Test comes with everything you need to prepare and ship your sample from the comfort and privacy of your home. The kit includes necessary paperwork, lab-grade materials and detailed step-by-step instructions to complete your test.

Does my insurance cover the at-home Cap-Score Test?

The at-home Cap-Score Test is FSA/HSA eligible. We do accept FSA/HSA credit cards as a method of payment in our online store. We also provide a receipt of purchase, which may be necessary for reimbursement. Check with your insurance provider for more information.

How long can I wait to collect my sample?

You should complete your sample collection within two weeks of receiving your at-home Cap-Score Test.

How do you protect my privacy?

We respect your privacy and understand the need for discretion. The at-home Cap-Score Test arrives in a plain unbranded mailer delivered directly to you. Our secure Cap-Score Patient Portal is also HIPAA-compliant. You can rest assured that your health information will never be shared.