Androvia LifeSciences Presents Data, Shares Scientific Insights that Led to New Clinical Test of Sperm Function

Research presented at 42nd Annual Conference of the American Society of Andrology (ASA) demonstrates ability of Cap-Score Sperm Function Test to assess male fertility.

MIAMI, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Androvia LifeSciences announced today that an oral presentation at the 42nd Annual Conference of the American Society of Andrology (ASA) offered scientific evidence of cellular changes in sperm that correlate with clinical male fertility. The findings demonstrate the scientific basis of the Cap-Score™ Sperm Function Test (Cap-Score SFT). A laboratory developed test, the Cap-Score SFT is the only test that indicates the percentage of sperm that can actually fertilize an egg, and compares each man's results to a normal, fertile population.
In the oral presentation offered at the meeting, Dr. Alexander Travis, associate professor, Cornell University and chief scientific officer, Androvia LifeSciences, provides details of how molecular studies of sperm function in mice led to clinical studies and the development of the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test for humans. Specifically, the discovery that in order to fertilize an egg, the sperm cell must undergo a process called capacitation, in which the ganglioside GM1, a lipid, localizes on the head of the sperm, where it regulates the influx of calcium through a particular channel known as CaV2.3. He discovered that different localization patterns of GM1 in the sperm head could be used to quantify the percentage of sperm undergoing capacitation. These scores are compared to those from a population of fertile men, providing the basis for the Cap-Score.
These data come on the heels of the publication of two papers presenting clinical and technology validation studies in the peer-reviewed journal Molecular Reproduction and Development. The two papers provide scientific evidence of the clinical utility and value of this technology, the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test. One paper validated the underlying technology, demonstrating the accuracy, reproducibility and precision of the test, and the other offered clinical data demonstrating that the Cap-Score strongly reflects fertility status, and can provide value as a general screening test for men questioning their fertility.
The oral presentation offered at ASA is titled "Lipid regulation of sperm function: from basic sciences to a clinical test of male fertility." The company also presented data in a poster session at the conference titled "Localization patterns of the ganglioside GM1 identify sperm capable of undergoing capacitation and acrosome exocytosis."
An overview of the oral and poster presentations at ASA is included in the conference schedule which is published on the ASA website and available to conference registrants and ASA members at:
InfertilityApproximately 73 million couples experience infertility globally. At least 6.7 million infertile couples live in the United States. Male factor infertility contributes to roughly half of all cases of infertility, and 50% of male infertility cases are unexplained by traditional semen analysis.
About Androvia LifeSciencesLocated in Mountainside, NJ, Androvia LifeSciences is a CLIA registered laboratory. The company's first product, the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test, has been scientifically developed to empower couples and clinicians with critical information, helping them to achieve more personalized fertility solutions. For more information on Androvia and the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test please visit,
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