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The Cap-Score Test

The Next Generation of Semen Analysis

Our comprehensive semen analysis includes all the key metrics of sperm health, just like a fertility clinic or traditional lab.

The Cap-Score Test Takes It A Step Further Than Other Semen Analysis Tests

After Taking The Cap-Score Test, You'll Know The Actual Probability of Generating a Pregancy

Understand your fertility with a comprehensive semen analysis. The Cap-Score Test is more than just an assessment; it's a breakthrough. Unlike semen analyses of the past, which were developed over 70 years ago, the Cap-Score Test doesn't just measure sperm count, concentration, motility and morphology. It takes a giant leap further by delivering a 'functional' analysis of sperm. The Cap-Score Test does more than just count your sperm - it evaluates their potential to achieve pregnancy. In other words, this revolutionary test can predict a man's likelihood of generating a pregnancy within just three cycles.


Standard Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis + Cap-Score Test


Amount of Sperm


Concentration of Sperm


Physical Form


Swimming Ability


Ability to Fertilize

Probability of Generating a Pregnancy

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