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Test from Home

Test From Home

Results in 48 Hours

Results in 48 hours

The Next Generation of Semen Analysis

The standard Semen Analysis test was developed over 70 years ago. It's outdated, and does not include any functional measures. The Cap-Score Test is the only male fertility test that predicts the probability of generating a pregnancy.

Other Semen Analysis Tests Only Measure This...

Semen Volume

How much semen you're producing.

Total Sperm Count

The total count of sperm

Total Motile Sperm Count

Total number of moving sperm.

Sperm Morphology (Strict Kruger)

How many of your sperm are the proper size and shape.

The Cap-Score Test Tells You That And More.

After Taking The Cap-Score Test, You'll Know The Actual Probability of Generating a Pregnancy

Because of the Cap-Score, you can now predict a man’s probability of generating a pregnancy within three cycles (Sharara et al., 2020). The higher the Cap-Score, the greater chances of success.

Sample Result

Probability of Generating a Pregnancy

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