Androvia LifeSciences Presented Data, Providing Scientific Insights that Support Clinical Utility of Cap-Score™, a Validated and Consistent Measure of Fertility
Research presented at 47th Annual Conference of the American Society of Andrology (ASA) demonstrates ability of Cap-Score Test to measure and predict a man's fertility LA JOLLA, Calif., May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Androvia LifeSciences announced today that it presented multiple abstracts at the 47th Annual Conference of the American Society of Andrology (ASA). Collectively, the information presented in the abstracts demonstrated the clinical utility of the Cap-Score™ Test in quantifying the man's fertility. A laboratory developed test, the Cap-Score Test is the only test that indicates the percentage of sperm that can actually fertilize an egg, providing men (and couples) with their probability of a generating a pregnancy (PGP).In the poster sessions, Dr. Alexander Travis, Director of the Master of Public Health Program, Chair of the Department of Public and Ecosystem Health, and Professor, Cornell University, and Chief Scientific Officer, Androvia LifeSciences, presented three abstracts:
1.       Expanding access to male fertility testing through validation of an at home collection kit
2.       Modifying capacitation ability through lifestyle changes
3.       In men seeking fertility assistance, defects in sperm capacitation/fertilizing ability are common in all age groups, in contrast, semen volume and motility declined with age
A validation study, Expanding access to male fertility testing through validation of an at home collection kit, generated real-world data demonstrating the consistency of Cap-Score between home collection versus processing at clinics. In practice, the use of a home collection kit allows clinics to focus on other responsibilities, encourages men to pursue fertility workups from the privacy of their own home and thereby increases the availability of fertility evaluations.
Modifying capacitation ability through lifestyle changes, yielded data that further supports the view that promoting a man's overall health by introducing positive lifestyle changes, in conjunction with nutritional supplements, is linked to changes in sperm capacitation and an increase in male fertility. The study concluded that although promoting a man's overall health had little impact on traditional semen analysis measures, improvement in sperm capacitation ability was observed as well as positive increases in a man's PGP.In men seeking fertility assistance, defects in sperm capacitation/fertilizing ability are common in all age groups, in contrast semen volume and motility declined with age, established that reductions in capacitation, or sperm fertilizing ability, were equally present across age groups in men questioning their fertility (MQF). These data show that impaired ability to fertilize is not restricted to older men, but is equally prevalent in young men suffering from problems with their fertility, even though young men are more likely to pass traditional semen analysis. Confirming multiple earlier studies, the ability of sperm to fertilize was reduced in MQF when compared to men with known paternity.An overview of the poster presentations at ASA can be found here: LifeSciences is a NY-based, privately held company focused on developing new diagnostics that provide a higher level of patient management of male fertility for use by clinicians to counsel couples. The company's objective is to understand male fertility at its most fundamental level – what enables a sperm to fertilize an egg, how a man's fertility can be measured, and how together, this knowledge can be applied to improve a man's fertility and clinical pregnancy outcomes. Cap-Score helps clinicians more accurately identify the role male infertility plays in a couple's journey toward pregnancy. It thereby helps identify where the infertility lies, allowing the clinician to personalize treatment options from the start and dramatically increase success, reduce costs and shorten the pathway to parenthood.  The company operates at the highest standard of laboratories which is CLIA compliant, New Jersey DOH approved, accredited by the College of American Pathology and licensed by New York State as both a facility and as an approved Laboratory Test. The company has analyzed over 6000 patient samples since late 2016, has published seven peer reviewed articles and has made multiple invited presentations on its cutting-edge technology. The Cap-Score Test is available as a Home Collection Kit, and is currently available to physicians and couples throughout the United States. Androvia LifeSciences also has exclusive global rights to the Cap-Score technology. Please visit to learn more or to request access to the Cap-Score Test at your clinic.
Written by Androvia LifeSciences

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