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Lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements improve the Cap-Score™ and male fertility

Lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements improve the Cap-Score™ and male fertility
  • New study shows a man’s overall health, in combination with taking nutritional supplements, is associated with enhanced sperm capacitation ability, as measured by Cap-Score, and an increase in male fertility.
  • Improving a man’s overall health, in combination with nutritional supplementation, had little to no impact on semen analysis measures, which are independent of Cap-Score and fail to identify over 50% of infertility cases.
MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J., Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Androvia LifeSciences -- In a study being presented today at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM; Anaheim, CA; Oct 22-26, 2022), two independent clinicians, Dr. Fady Sharara (Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine) and Dr. Eric Seaman (New Jersey Urology, A Summit Health Company), reported that lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements improve the Cap-Score and male fertility.
Dr. Sharara’s and Dr. Seaman’s study included 55 patients. The results suggest that changes in lifestyle and nutritional supplements led to an improvement in the Cap-Score in 67% (37/55) participants. In addition, little change was seen in the traditional semen analysis measurements. Importantly, those men with lower Cap-Scores showed the most improvement. Overall, the lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation resulted in a 25% increase in a man’s probability of generating a pregnancy. Thus, if a man knows that he has a low Cap-Score, he can improve his lifestyle and take nutritional supplements, allowing him to become an invested partner in the couple’s pathway to pregnancy.
Evidence suggest that traditional semen analysis parameters have been declining for more than 50 years. Although the causative factors have yet to be fully explained, potential reasons include lack of exercise, poor diet, and exposure to toxins such as through pesticides in food, alcohol use and smoking.   Although traditional semen analysis is the cornerstone of a fertility examination for a man, it is generally recognized that semen analysis is not a reliable test of a man’s fertility.   Therefore, Drs. Sharara and Seaman tested whether changes in lifestyle, including taking nutritional supplements, and improving diet, exercise, and sleep, while reducing smoking, alcohol use and other behaviors, would influence a man’s actual fertility as measured by the Cap-Score.
To fertilize, sperm must first mature through a process known as “capacitation”. Sperm that don’t capacitate cannot fertilize an egg. Androvia LifeSciences (Mountainside, NJ) has developed the Cap-Score, a diagnostic test that measures the percentage of a man’s sperm that can capacitate. Several prior studies have prospectively shown that the Cap-Score can accurately predict a man’s fertility.
Androvia LifeSciences is a privately held company focused on developing new male fertility diagnostics for patients and clinicians. The Cap-Score test assists in accurately identifying the role that male infertility plays in a couple's journey toward pregnancy. With this information, Androvia hopes to help guide personalized fertility treatment options to increase success, reduce costs, and shortening the pathway to parenthood.
Androvia LifeScience’s laboratory is CLIA compliant, New Jersey DOH approved, accredited by the College of American Pathology, and licensed by New York State, as both a facility and as an approved Laboratory Test. The Cap-Score Test is available as a Home Collection Kit and is currently available to individuals throughout the United States. Please visit www.capscoretest.com to learn more.