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ICSI outcomes unchanged in men with normal or abnormal Cap-Scores™

ICSI outcomes unchanged in men with normal or abnormal Cap-Scores™
  • ICSI fertilization rates and subsequent pregnancy rates were not different between men with normal or low Cap-Scores
  • Men with low Cap-Scores should be counselled that their ICSI outcomes can be as good as men with normal scores
Androvia LifeSciences -- In a study being presented today at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM; Anaheim, CA; Oct 22-26, 2022), Dr. Fady Sharara (Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine) reported that for men whose sperm have difficulty in fertilizing eggs naturally, as measured by the Cap-Score Test, they can still find success in becoming fathers using the technique of Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Using this procedure, men with low Cap-Scores were equally likely to generate embryos and successful pregnancies as men with normal Cap-Scores.
There are decades of evidence that approximately half of men who struggle with fertility will have normal semen analysis measures. Although the sperm of these men appear normal, they cannot fertilize an egg. The Cap-Score Test, developed by Androvia LifeSciences, complements traditional semen analysis by providing this key missing link of assessing sperm function. Specifically, the Cap-Score quantifies the percentage of sperm that can fertilize and has previously been shown in two prospective studies to be able to predict a man’s fertility.
This study retrospectively evaluated 236 patients with known Cap-Scores undergoing ICSI between 2018 and 2021. The fertilization rates were compared between those with normal and low Cap-Scores. 76 men had low Cap-Scores (76/236, 32.2%). The ICSI fertilization rates were not different between those with normal or low Cap-Scores (83% vs 88.4%, P=0.80). In addition, there was no difference in first cycle live births between the groups (52.7% vs 55.3%).
In summary, the Cap-Score identifies men whose sperm have reduced ability to capacitate, and therefore have reduced fertility at natural conception or intrauterine insemination (IUI). However, using ICSI, they have equivalent fertilization rates and subsequent live births as men with normal scores. Men
with low Cap-Scores should therefore be counselled that their ART outcomes can be as good as men with normal scores.
Androvia LifeSciences is a privately held company focused on developing new male fertility diagnostics for patients and clinicians. The Cap-Score test assists in accurately identifying the role that male infertility plays in a couple's journey toward pregnancy. With this information, Androvia hopes to help guide personalized fertility treatment options to increase success, reduce costs, and shortening the pathway to parenthood.
Androvia LifeSciences’ laboratory is CLIA compliant, New Jersey DOH approved, accredited by the College of American Pathology, and licensed by New York State, as both a facility and as an approved Laboratory Test. The Cap-Score Test is available as a Home Collection Kit and is currently available to individuals throughout the United States. Please visit www.capscoretest.com to learn more.