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Androvia LifeSciences Study Reveals New Evidence for Men Experiencing Fertility Problems

Androvia LifeSciences Study Reveals New Evidence for Men Experiencing Fertility Problems

Timing for Sperm Maturation and Capacitation Differs Dramatically in Men

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J., April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Androvia LifeSciences, a company dedicated to the development of male fertility solutions, announced today a newly published study in the Journal of Molecular Reproduction and Development, a Wiley publication. The study shows that in a significant number of normal fertile men, it takes more time for sperm to mature and undergo capacitation to be able to fertilize the egg. Altering insemination timing can improve a couple’s ability to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproduction. The study showed that in 44% of normal fertile men, it took much longer (24 hours) for sperm to mature post ejaculation and gain the ability to fertilize the egg than previously thought. 

Once ovulation occurs, the egg is only receptive to sperm for fertilization for a short period of time, 12-24 hours. To fertilize, sperm must mature and undergo capacitation once in the female reproductive tract. The time it takes post ejaculation for sperm to mature has been identified as the capacitation rate, or Cap-Rate™. Conventional thought has been that sperm mature quickly (i.e. within 12 hours) following ejaculation. However, in this study of 123 samples from 54 fertile men, 44% (54/123) of this fertile population required 24 hours to reach peak levels of maturation and capacitation. Inseminating too late, whether naturally or artificially, would greatly reduce the probability of conception for couples. If sperm are not given appropriate time to mature and capacitate while in the reproductive tract, fertilization of the egg will not happen. Inseminating earlier for certain men may dramatically improve the probability of conception. In the same study, it was found that Cap-Rate was consistent in men who required more time for their sperm to capacitate and in men with sperm that capacitated readily after ejaculation. When samples obtained from men questioning their fertility were analyzed for Cap-Rate, 29% (5/17) of this population was designated to the late capacitation group which is not different than the late capacitation phenomena observed in the fertile population. 

“Understanding how each man’s sperm mature and capacitate will help improve the probability for pregnancy. This will allow physicians to personalize the treatment strategy and adjust thought processes and improve a couple’s chances for pregnancy,” said Gianpiero Palermo, MD, PhD, a world expert in the fertility field and Director of Assisted Fertilization and the Andrology Laboratory at the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine. 

Over the last year, Androvia has analyzed samples from almost 1000 men at eight major reproductive centers in the US using the newly introduced clinical Cap-Score™ Sperm Function Test (Cap-Score SFT). Currently, the company is providing the test at no charge while collecting these data. The company has released four major publications to date since 2017 regarding male infertility, improving diagnosis and treatment for couples experiencing fertility problems by analyzing sperm function and more specifically, capacitation. 

Couples and/or clinics interested in the Cap-Score SFT should visit www.androvialifesciences.com to find a list of clinics offering the Cap-Score SFT and/or to inquire about adding the Cap-Score SFT to your clinic’s menu of male fertility testing and evaluation. 

To read this study in its entirety, please visit the following: 

  • Timing of sperm capacitation varies reproducibly among men (DOI: 10.1002/mrd.22972) https://doi.org/10.1002/mrd.22972 


Infertility Approximately 73 million couples experience infertility globally. At least 6.7 million infertile couples live in the United States. Male factor infertility contributes to roughly half of all cases of infertility, and 50% of male infertility cases are unexplained by traditional semen analysis. 

About Androvia LifeSciences 

Located in Mountainside, NJ, Androvia LifeSciences is a CLIA registered and CAP accredited laboratory. The company’s first product, the Cap-Score SFT, has been developed to empower couples and clinicians with critical information, helping them to achieve more personalized fertility solutions. For more information on Androvia and the Cap-Score SFT please visit www.capscoretest.com. 

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