Androvia LifeSciences Announces Results from a Health Economics and Outcomes Research Study Highlighting the Potential Cost Impact of the Cap-Score™ Sperm Function Test
-- The Cap-Score™ is projected to improve pregnancy rates and save couples time and money
-- The cost savings as a result of the Cap-Score™ may lead to more infertile couples seeking infertility treatments
Androvia LifeSciences, a company devoted to the development of infertility solutions, announced today the publication of a paper presenting the potential economic impact of the Cap-ScoreTM in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, a Springer International Publishing AG publication.
“The Cap-Score™ has the potential to change the management of male factor infertility and infertility of unknown origin by increasing access, improving outcomes, and saving money,” said Joseph B. Babigumira, Associate Professor, Global Health and the lead author of the study.
The study’s objective was to evaluate the differences in outcomes and financial expenditures when using the CapScoreTM with timed intrauterine insemination (IUI) versus standard of care (SOC).  To assess the potential benefit of adding the Cap-Score™ to the SOC, researchers at the Global Medicines Program at the University of Washington utilized decision-analytic modeling methods, sensitivity analysis and estimates of the cost of fertility treatments to demonstrate that compared to SOC, utilizing the CapScoreTM in conjunction with timed IUI has the potential to dramatically reduce medical costs associated with IUI and in vitro fertilization (IVF) when combined with SOC vs SOC alone. The study also projected a reduction in the cumulative number of IUI and IVF procedures as well as the total costs of fertility treatment across all age groups studied.
Data from this study projected that mean IUI cost savings varied from $595 in couples with women under 35 years of age to $1,366 in couples with women over 42 years of age. Mean IVF cost savings were projected to vary from $3,410 in couples with women under 35 years of age to $17,823 in couples with women over 42 years of age. Mean total cost savings were projected to vary from $4,000 in couples with women under 35 years of age to $19,100 in couples with women over 42 years of age.
Notably, the cost savings attributable to CapScoreTM usage consistently increase with maternal age because of decreasing probability of clinical pregnancy with age. Therefore, implementation of the Cap-Score™ SFT can potentially increase the clinical and economic value propositions for older couples with difficulty conceiving.
“The Cap-Score™ is a potentially valuable clinical tool which allows the physician and infertile couple to select the best cost effective option for their treatment.  By using the Cap-Score™ we may be able to reduce the time to achieve a clinical pregnancy and thus save the couple time and money,” said Dr. Fady Sharara, one of the leading fertility specialists in the country and one of the first to offer the test at his practice, the Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine and also an author of this publication.
“From what we have seen to date, the Cap-Score™ is a valuable tool and a step towards a couple’s personalized treatment which should result in a cost savings and positive outcome in an accelerated fashion,” said Michael V. Novinski, CEO of Androvia LifeSciences.
An on-going company-sponsored multi-site investigation has shown so far that Cap-Score™ results are highly predictive of negative outcomes related to use of IUIs when reviewed along with other semen analysis parameters, and is predictive of positive fertility outcomes. The company is looking to increase the positive predictive value of this test by integrating more data and the influence of insemination timing on positive predictive outcomes along with other factors.
To read this publication through open access, please visit the following: Projecting the potential impact of the Cap-ScoreTM on clinical pregnancy, live births, and medical costs in couples with unexplained infertility
Approximately 73 million couples experience infertility globally. At least 6.7 million infertile couples live in the United States. Male factor infertility contributes to roughly half of all cases of infertility, and 50% of male infertility cases are unexplained by traditional semen analysis.
About Androvia LifeSciences
Located in Mountainside, NJ, Androvia LifeSciences is a CLIA registered laboratory. The company’s first product, the Cap-Score™ SFT, has been developed to empower couples and clinicians with critical information, helping them to achieve more personalized fertility solutions.  For more information on Androvia and the Cap-Score™ please visit.
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