The Cap-Score™ is a more sensitive indicator of male fertility across age groups than traditional semen analysis
  • New study demonstrates the value of using the Cap-Score Test to assess the fertilizing ability in men of all ages who are seeking fertility assistance
  • Cap-Score is consistently low in men of all age groups questioning their fertility
MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J., Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Androvia LifeSciences -- Social and economic factors are causing couples to delay parenthood. It is generally accepted that maternal age is inversely related with fertility and pregnancy outcome. However, the influence of paternal age is still contentious. In a new study published in Reproductive Biomedicine Online, 2,652 semen samples of men going to fertility clinics because of difficulty conceiving were compared to samples of fertile men and stratified by age. Fertilizing ability, measured by Cap-Score, and standard semen analysis measures (ejaculate volume, sperm concentration, percent motile sperm) were then compared across the age groups.
Men presenting because of difficulties in generating pregnancy showed equivalent reductions in capacitation ability regardless of age. In contrast, motility and volume declined with age. These data suggest that capacitation ability is a more sensitive indicator of male fertility across age groups than traditional SA and should not be reserved for older men.
To read this publication through open access, please visit the following: Defects in sperm capacitation/fertilizing ability are equally prevalent across ages in men seeking fertility assistance
The Cap-Score Test is owned and marketed by Androvia LifeSciences.
Androvia LifeSciences is a privately held company focused on developing new male fertility diagnostics for patients and clinicians. The Cap-Score Test assists in accurately identifying the role that male infertility plays in a couple's journey toward pregnancy. With this information, Androvia hopes to help guide personalized fertility treatment options to increase success, reduce costs, and shortening the pathway to parenthood.
Androvia LifeScience’s laboratory is CLIA compliant, New Jersey DOH approved, accredited by the College of American Pathology, and licensed by New York State, as both a facility and as an approved Laboratory Test. The Cap-Score Test is available as a Home Collection Kit and is currently available to individuals throughout the United States. Please visit to learn more.
Written by Androvia LifeSciences

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